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TechCrunch: Innovation Will Take A Different Breed Of Designer

Overview of this Article: This is a post covering the rise of demand and need for Designers – but describes “T’ shaped Designers – often also called “Design Thinkers”.

Thoughts on this Article: I like seeing the beginning of this wave – and hope that it continues.  The elements of Design Thinking and the skills of a Design Thinker have the potential to revolutionize many new start ups.  This should be fun to follow.

Original Article and comments HERE at TechCrunch

Earlier this week 500 Startups announced the creation of The, a designer-centric fund with the aim of increasing the number of startups co-founded by people who have design experience. As quite a few startups like Tumblr, YouTube, Android and Flickr have achieved success because of their designer founders, founder and 500 Startups designer Enrique Allen wants to foster a community that replicates their success.

Design is valued more right now than it ever has been, hence the Quora question “Why is there such a stunningly short supply of designers in Silicon Valley right now?” Indeed, Allen tells me that the new fund has one goal, “How do we address this problem that everyone and their momma wants a designer, and there’s none to be had?”

Well The’s solution is to ask 50 or so rockstar mentors in the field, like YouTube’s Christina Brodbeck, Facebook’s Ben Blumenfeld and Google’s Chris Messina to become mentors and/or contribute a minimum of 50K to the pool. When the fund hits 50 investors, it can then fund 50 design centered startups in return.

When asked whether the fund was looking specifically for a UX, UI, or just plain graphic designer founders, Allen told me he was looking for “T-shaped people” a.k.a people with in-depth experience in one area but a broad outlook and a wide range of experiences.

“It’s going to take a different breed, a new generation of designers that not only have visual ability, interaction ability, information architecture and everything from user research and discovery to design ethnography to really foster consumer innovation,” Allen said.


More in the interview, above.

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  1. Thank you for making the effort to describe the terminlogy for the inexperienced persons!


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