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Crash Course in Design Thinking

Overview of Site: This is just as it says.. Thoughts on this Site: Great Idea.  And some really good creative leadership thoughts that are presented. We’ve collected the thoughts of 30 of the world’s most inspired creative professionals. Architects, designers, authors and leaders of iconic brands. We asked them two questions: “What single example of… (read more)

On Design Thinking and Beyond

Overview: A blog/article from a Design Thinking student Thoughts: This article brings a collection of resources on the topic of Design Thinking to a good conclusion that Design Thinking is more than design. On Design Thinking and Beyond Original Post HERE  by kshitiz at Of late there has been a sudden rise in interest… (read more)

Stanford’s bootcamp project

Overview of this Post: The at Stanford has a bootcamp for students of Design Thinking. This article is an update on the projects and experiences of the participants. Thoughts on this Post: It is interesting to see the process play out with those who are just learning the concepts.  This update also crosses into… (read more)

Design Thinking and Social Innovators

Overview of Post: Robert Fabricant is leading a group of Social Innovators through steps of the Design Thinking process during a conference. Thoughts on Post: Robert touches on one of the biggest challenges that Design Thinking faces when applied to the social/human application:  How do you create an effective rapid prototyping experience?  I look forward… (read more)