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Design Schools: Please Start Teaching Design Again

Overview: This is a “rant” of sorts from Adaptive Path and the struggle they are experiencing with hiring Design interns. Thoughts: I like this!  The struggle that they outline highlights where Design Thinking originated in the overall Design process.  The make a fantastic point that students who go to design school to become Design Thinkers… (read more)

Design Thinking and Innovation

Design Thinking and Innovation Overview of Post: This is another overview of Design Thinking with one exception:  it goes into details of the process and gives other resources. Thoughts on this Post: I like this.  When people ask me for a quick handout on Design Thinking, this may become my “go to” article.  Thanks Kendall!… (read more)

Designing for Social Impact

Overview of Post: Robert Fabricant continues his blogging from a workshop with social innovators.  part one HERE Thoughts on this Post: I appreciate the points that Robert makes on how to approach social design.  He offers very practical ways to move the process forward. Live From PopTech: Designing for Impact Original Post and Comments HERE… (read more)

Synthesis in action

Overview of this Video: This is a video on the SYNTHESIS part of Design Thinking produced by a group studying the sustainability of the fishing industry. Thoughts on this Video:  Good look and review of how this can work in any industry, with the right emphasis placed on what you are doing not how you… (read more)

Inside IDEO- Deep Dive part 3

Overview of this video: This is a must for anyone who is learning the Design Thinking concept and process.  The following text gives a great explaination directly from Nightline.  “How does the process of designing a better product work? To show you, Nightline went to Palo Alto, CA to the designers at IDEO, and gave… (read more)