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Crash Course in Design Thinking

Overview of Site: This is just as it says.. Thoughts on this Site: Great Idea.  And some really good creative leadership thoughts that are presented. We’ve collected the thoughts of 30 of the world’s most inspired creative professionals. Architects, designers, authors and leaders of iconic brands. We asked them two questions: “What single example of… (read more)

Design Schools: Please Start Teaching Design Again

Overview: This is a “rant” of sorts from Adaptive Path and the struggle they are experiencing with hiring Design interns. Thoughts: I like this!  The struggle that they outline highlights where Design Thinking originated in the overall Design process.  The make a fantastic point that students who go to design school to become Design Thinkers… (read more)

Design Thinking + Doing

Overview of Article: This is more or less an interview with Alex Bogusky. Thoughts on this Article: This reads a bit like a commercial for CPB, but offers some very good insights into what they are doing and why. Original Post HERE at CP+B product innovators John Winsor and Neil Riddell “I’m a frustrated… (read more)

Keep The “Design” in Design Thinking

Overview of Post: Kip Voytek offers his take on the connection between Design and Design Thinking, Thoughts on this Post: Kip gives a very good argument on the down side of adopting the concept of Design Thinking without understanding the disciplines that are foundational to Design. Original Post Here: Thinking about design thinking? Try thinking… (read more)