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Design Thinking and Social Innovators

Overview of Post: Robert Fabricant is leading a group of Social Innovators through steps of the Design Thinking process during a conference. Thoughts on Post: Robert touches on one of the biggest challenges that Design Thinking faces when applied to the social/human application:  How do you create an effective rapid prototyping experience?  I look forward… (read more)

Design Thinking Chart

Overview of Post: The at Stanford has a website for their k12 group that is focused on teaching design thinking to school aged kids.  This is a graphic from that site. Thoughts on this Post: This graphic and yesterdays video are from the same source (d.School) and are both really good resources. Original Post… (read more)

Awakening Creativity with design thinking

Overview of Post: This post from the Innoversity Site looks at the highlights from a talk by George Kembel on the topic of using Design Thinking to innovate. Thoughts on Post: Good notes from a rather long talk.  The notes are worth the read even if you don’t view the video. Original Post HERE at… (read more)

Design Thinking for real results

Overview of Video: This is an interview with Nadja Schnetzler of the BrainStore…an idea design firm located in Switzerland Thoughts on this video: This is a solid company that is using the ideas of Design Thinking to make better products and services.  This video gives several good looks at tools and techniques used by the… (read more)