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Design Thinking: Is it different for services?

Overview of Post: A quick thought (with links) on some of the growing questions regarding  the definitions  and differences in the areas of Design Thinking. Thoughts on Post: I agree that we are in need of some clarification and perhaps differentiation in the various worlds that Design Thinking is being used.  Most of my experience… (read more)

design thinking: blending the best from business

Overview of Article: This is a recap of a conversation about what ‘Design Thinking” is supposed to do for a business and where it came from. Thoughts on this Article: I like the thought process that is represented here.  It reflects a positive view of changing the way things are done and a collaborative approach… (read more)

Thinking through Design Thinking

Original Post and Comments HERE at Overview: The author is taking on the idea that Design Thinking is actually part of  Design as the Design discipline actually is and historically has existed.  Several different areas of thought are introduced, and contrasted with each other. – Thoughts on this: I would have to agree that… (read more)

Roger Martin on Design Thinking

Overview of Video: Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, talks with BusinessWeek about the design approach to solving problems and how to apply it to recent events, including the financial crisis. Thoughts on this Video: Martins’ definition of Design Thinking hit me as odd initially, by made… (read more)