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Thinking through Design Thinking

Original Post and Comments HERE at Overview: The author is taking on the idea that Design Thinking is actually part of  Design as the Design discipline actually is and historically has existed.  Several different areas of thought are introduced, and contrasted with each other. – Thoughts on this: I would have to agree that… (read more)

Stanford’s bootcamp project

Overview of this Post: The at Stanford has a bootcamp for students of Design Thinking. This article is an update on the projects and experiences of the participants. Thoughts on this Post: It is interesting to see the process play out with those who are just learning the concepts.  This update also crosses into… (read more)

Design Thinking Chart

Overview of Post: The at Stanford has a website for their k12 group that is focused on teaching design thinking to school aged kids.  This is a graphic from that site. Thoughts on this Post: This graphic and yesterdays video are from the same source (d.School) and are both really good resources. Original Post… (read more)