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Fabio Sergio on Design Thinking

Lift_2Overview of Video: This is a talk from the LIFT Conference 2008. Fabio Sergio, Design and User experience strategist and creative director at frog design, focuses his presentation on Design Thinking and its role in creating habitable and desirable futures. He shows various examples to explain how people-centred design goes beyond usage or consumption and should be about culture and seeing people how people react to things within their own culture.

Thoughts on this Video: Really interesting look into the way that Design Thinking can be applied to issues well beyond products.  This focus us on the delivery of service, and how to make that effective using DT.  I think this may be more of a UX (user experience) talk than a DT process talk.  A bonus is some cool designs that may appear in the future.

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  1. Very Good post on thinking.

    karim – Positive thinking


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