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Design Thinking: Is it different for services?

Overview of Post: A quick thought (with links) on some of the growing questions regarding  the definitions  and differences in the areas of Design Thinking. Thoughts on Post: I agree that we are in need of some clarification and perhaps differentiation in the various worlds that Design Thinking is being used.  Most of my experience… (read more)

Design Thinking Needs Us

Overview of this Post: A personal story of how Design Thinking fits into a larger context of problem solving. Thoughts on this Post: I like the journey that is recounted.  For many, Design Thinking is the newest thing around, but it has really been in the forefront for some of us for many years.  Always… (read more)

Design Schools: Please Start Teaching Design Again

Overview: This is a “rant” of sorts from Adaptive Path and the struggle they are experiencing with hiring Design interns. Thoughts: I like this!  The struggle that they outline highlights where Design Thinking originated in the overall Design process.  The make a fantastic point that students who go to design school to become Design Thinkers… (read more)

design thinking: blending the best from business

Overview of Article: This is a recap of a conversation about what ‘Design Thinking” is supposed to do for a business and where it came from. Thoughts on this Article: I like the thought process that is represented here.  It reflects a positive view of changing the way things are done and a collaborative approach… (read more)

Design Thinking + Doing

Overview of Article: This is more or less an interview with Alex Bogusky. Thoughts on this Article: This reads a bit like a commercial for CPB, but offers some very good insights into what they are doing and why. Original Post HERE at CP+B product innovators John Winsor and Neil Riddell “I’m a frustrated… (read more)

The “Elements” of Design Thinking

Overview of this Article: This is an interesting appraoch to finding a common short hand for the terms often used in design and design thinking. Thoughts on this Article.  It would be helpful to develop such a system. Origninal Post and comments HERE at Unfinished Business The (Overlapping) Elements of Design Thinking My partner in… (read more)

Design Thinking: A Strategy for Innovation

Overview of this Post: This is a quick look at the concept of Design Thinking in a business environment. Thoughts on this Post: I like the graphic representation of this process and thoughts offered. When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. Engineering, medicine, business, architecture, and… (read more)

A New perspective

From Day One of launching,  my goal has been to bring the best as well as the latest thinking on the topic of Design Thinking to one place.  The initial concept was based on the challenges that I had encountered while trying to grow in my own ability as a Design Thinker.  In some… (read more)

Inside Ideo – Deep dive part 1

Overview of this video: This is a must for anyone who is learning the Design Thinking concept and process.  The following text gives a great explaination directly from Nightline.  “How does the process of designing a better product work? To show you, Nightline went to Palo Alto, CA to the designers at IDEO, and gave… (read more)