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Service Design – The End Users Role

Just had a very insightful meeting with Jeneanne Rae.  Jeneanne has been in the Design Thinking field since before it was called Design Thinking.  She was hired by David Kelley at IDEO to help grow the business integration part of that company as an MBA and a significant part of the growth into the company… (read more)

Stanford’s bootcamp project

Overview of this Post: The at Stanford has a bootcamp for students of Design Thinking. This article is an update on the projects and experiences of the participants. Thoughts on this Post: It is interesting to see the process play out with those who are just learning the concepts.  This update also crosses into… (read more)

Awakening Creativity with design thinking

Overview of Post: This post from the Innoversity Site looks at the highlights from a talk by George Kembel on the topic of using Design Thinking to innovate. Thoughts on Post: Good notes from a rather long talk.  The notes are worth the read even if you don’t view the video. Original Post HERE at… (read more)

Innovation Calls For I-Shaped People

Overview of Article: Bill Buxton gives a description of the type of person that makes an effective cross-disciplinary team member, and why it matters. Thoughts on Article: This is a really strong argument for the position Bill takes.  His take on the “T” shaped people and the “I” shaped people is very important to anyone… (read more)